About the cemetery

The fields designated as municipal burial grounds are flanked on three sides by private chapels, all joined by a walkway.
The lovely Neo-Gothic portico is an elegant exception to the dominating neoclassical style of the funerary architecture. On the far side, an octagonal oratorio stands at the center topped by a pavilion vault. In 1901 the entrance atrium and facade (by engineer Cesare Mazzocchi) was built in the Art Nouveau style.

A wealth of sculptures commissioned in the late 1800s and early 1900s by acclaimed artists adorn the area, artists whose works can be found in the piazzas and cemeteries of Lecco and throughout Lombardy: F. Confalonieri, the undisputed shining star, G. Branca, E. Bazzaro, C. Da Nova, L. Broggi, D. Barcaglia, P. Clerci, E. Agnati, R. Lainati, M.Vedani, A. Montegani, G. Castiglioni, F. Modena, L.Panzeri. In the late 1900s R. Rui, R. Piter, P. Atchugarry worked beside such artists, Lecchese by adoption, as G. Mozzanica, R. Pedroli, G. De Candido, L.Milani, F. Simoncini who sought infinite plastic, iconographic and material variations within the area of classic traditions.
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