Farewell Chapels

The Farewell Chapels were built in 1935 on the left side to the main entrance.

The Farewell Chapels located on the left side to the main entrance of the New Cemetery, were built in 1935 according the design of renown Serbian architect Rajko Tatić. The Chapels were constructed by applying the combination of Serbian - Byzantine style and modern tendencies, exclusive of unnecessary decorations. The Chapels’ interior was anticipated in the spirit of modern architecture, composed of six chambers identical in size, including one representative chamber. All the chambers were built from stone and marble. In the continuation of these chapels, a Farewell Chapel for the Ashkenazi Jews was built in 1937. Today, this Chapel is used as a Farewell Chapel for cremations.

In front of the Chapels there is a square with colonnade composed of thirty nine columns where the families of the deceased are gathering to see off their loved ones.

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