Russian Ossuary

Memorial Monument to Russian Glory is located in the part called the Russian Necropolis
Russian Ossuary (Memorial Monument to Russian Glory) dedicated to Tsar Nikolai II Romanov and Russian soldiers killed in the World War I, was built in 1935 on the Russian Necropolis. It is the very first Russian monument raised outside Russia dedicated to the soldiers who died in World War I. The Ossuary was constructed at initiative of the Association of the Former Imperial Officers and other Military Conscripts (Русское народноe ополчение).The monument was built by the project of the prominent Russian architect and sculptor Roman Verhovski. King Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic helped its construction before his death and then, Queen Marija with completion of it. Ceremonial transfer of the remains of 387 fallen Russian soldiers was carried out on the day of Ossuary Consecration, i.e. on May 24, 1935. The monument above the Ossuary with the statue of the Archangel Michel was completed and consecrated on January 12, 1936.
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