About the cemetery

The construction of a new cemetery in Mühlau was agreed on in 1914/15 and it was built in 1926 according to the plans of architect Willi Stigler.
In 1986 a generous expansion towards the north according to the plans of Luis Nothdurfter was carried out.

Several well-known personalities found their final resting place here, among others:
  • Georg Trakl,
  • Ludwig von Ficker,
  • Josef Leitgeb,
  • Gerhild Diesner,
  • Wilfried Kirschl,
  • Heinrich Caesar Berann,
  • Hermann Alexander
  • Graf Keyserling,… 
The most famous among them is certainly the poet Georg Trakl. He is considered one of the most important Austrian Expressionists.

Other characteristic features of the cemetery are its location directly at the edge of a wood, the stunning view of Innsbruck and the unbelievably mountain scenery.

Today, Cemetery Mühlau covers an area of approximately 10,400 m2.

Location adress:
at the Mühlenweg

Administration Contacts
Mr. Fertschnig
Fritz-Pregl-Straße 2
Tel.: 0664/154-90-42 or 0512/5360-7142
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