Double Chapel of St. Mary and St. Jacob

St. Jacob's Chapel
The entrance is sustained by two octagonal columns with catafalque from light Podpeč stone. Opposite the entrance is a cross with crucified Christ affixed to a wall, with a slightly stylised Romanesque positioning of Christ with parallel nailed feet and God's hand touching his head. Hanging from the ceiling is a cross-shaped chandelier with horn-like lamps at the crossbar.

St. Mary's Chapel
The entire chapel is designed like a Serbian-Byzantine church with a tambour and a hidden dome. The exterior is plastered with wide dual-colour horizontal stripes, and the frieze is decorated with a recurring floral motif; the same motif trims the drum ring. Above the entrance, there is a painting of Mary between two angels. On the inside, the chapel is octagonal, equipped with only a simple Early Christian cross set on a pair of columns.
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