The Jarnević grave

The most prominent buildings and graves
The grave of Dragojla Jarnević is marked by simple stela made at Strešnjak, a Zagreb stone masonry workshop, a decade after her death. It was put up thanks to the Society of Karlovac Patriots. The grave was moved to its current place in 1912. In 1812, Dragojla Jarnević was born i Karlovac, where she spent most of her life, after having been a governess in rich families in Trieste and Venice. She was one of the most famous women of Karlovac, a distinguished member of the Illyrian Movement, a writer of the Croatian National Revival, teacher, educator and hiker. Her prose in Croatian with its patriotic Revival ideas is important, and teh most valuable literary work is her Diary, which apart from being a document of the time in which it was created is also an intimate confession of the author shocking at the time.
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