Criteria to meet

What are the requirements you need to fulfill to become a member?
What are the requirements you need to fulfill to become a member?

Cemeteries route consists of cemeteries which are interesting for their cultural heritage at local, regional and european level. Yet it is important that a cemetery is not just interesting, but that the managers keep preserving and working with this heritage.

Therefore to become a member is not just recognition and rights, but as well participation in common activities and projects.

There are some requirements you have to fulfill to become a member of European Cemeteries Route. 


  • organization has to be a member of ASCE (recognition of significant cemetery is not required)
  • your cemetery is public and available for visits without limitations on religious, cultural, national, gender or other discriminating factors
  • you can actively work at the cemetery (perform guided walks, events or other activities within legal limits of the country)
  • you can identify at least 5 important points in your cemetery which are interesting for visitors due to the personal story of deceased, artistic, historical or architectural point of view
  • prepare english descriptions and photos of at least 5 points in your cemetery that include personal story and not just historical or other facts
  • you have organisational and financial ability to:
    • produce marketing materials for promoting the route (insignia for entries, flyers and/or brochures, postcards)
    • cooperate on at least 1 of our projects
    • participate at least at 1 of our annual events every 3 years
    • communicate your work over our channels (website,...) - thus prepare articles or other content