Their story. Our story.

European Cemeteries Route slogan explained.
European Cemeteries Route slogan explained.

As you enter my city memory parks, you will discover the land of passion and love, ideals and desires, values and integrity challenged, battles won and lost.

Stories of life will emerge. For each and every person that lived in my city, left a story.

And as you peacefully start accepting facts of stories of their life, you start realizing they are stories about your life.

Their story. Our story.

Behind the slogan

As you start walking down the peaceful alleys of a cemetery with no particular reason, you will start sensing its true nature. Inscriptions, monuments, nature and architecture are devoted to speak about memories.

Suddenly you will notice that cemeteries are all about life. Often hidden behind the expressions of painful loss, stories of love, passion and achievements are exposed.

Within those stories you will admire strength, courage, devotion, intellect or sometimes more simple things that are forgotten in our daily lives.

The more you will discover, the more you will realise you are much more than understanding them. You feel these stories as they were occuring yesterday. Just like you were a part of them.

Because in a way you are a part of those stories. Perhaps your grandfather explained them to you as a child. Might be that the person behind the story knew your grandmother, sat down in a bar for a coffee with them.

A few decades might have passed since the story happened but it most probably did affect your life one way or another. It became part of your story.

Slogan and our mission

At our route we wish to preserve, promote, raise awareness and educate about European cemeteries heritage by opening the cemeteries to tourists.

The best tour you can have as a tourist is through stories. And at the heart of our cemeteries we have these stories. We are passionate about these stories. About

Their story. Our story.