New cemetery called section A

known as the Italian cemetery

New cemetery called section A

The surface area of the oldest cemetery is approximately 2,2 hectares. Within this area, there are valuable and lovely memorial plates and gravestones, some of which were created by known Croatian sculptor Ivan Rendić (Borelli tomb).

A chapel on cemetery was finally constructed in 1866 with expenses covered by local municipal authorities, to its left and right arcades with graves constructed, this was paid by local citizens and owners of individual graves within the arcades. To the west there is a series of ten arcades and to the east five arcades. They, just like the chapel, lay on the remains of a Roman aqueduct which delivered water from Lake Vrana to the city.

In 1974 this area called "New cemetery A" was places under the protection of the State Directorate for Cultural Heritage Protection. The graves, according to their value, are divided into four categories. The grade category I. was received by the most important graves, nothing regarding their original appearance can be changed.

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