Let's talk stories

Share the stories from your local cemetery with the world.
Share the stories from your local cemetery with the world.

The Stories project

While walking the cemetery, you will be impressed by architecture, art, nature and peaceful surroundings. But what is hidden to the eye are the numerous myths, legends and life stories of people who lived and worked in that city. Stories, waiting to be discovered.

In 2018, European Cemeteries Route started the project Stories. Its intent is to find the most interesting, unique and (more or less) unknown stories from different European cemeteries and share them with wider public.

Result? Great interest from the audience and lots of positive responses. People want to read stories like this. They talk about them. They love them.

Sharing the stories

We share the stories on our website, social media and through newsletters. And by doing so, we not only reveal a different side of cemeteries, but also enable some free promotion and exposure for our members.

So here is an initiative for you. Help us share those stories. Take a look at some of the stories we have already exposed. Write the one that you know about. Send it over and let the rest of the world know about it too.

How to share stories from your cemetery?

Easy, become a member, contact us and send us the story. We will do the rest! :)