Regular Evaluation Governing Board meeting

Luexmbourg, April 18th
Luexmbourg, April 18th

To retain the label of Cultural route of the Council of Europe, European Cemeteries Route is being evaluated in the framework of the 2017-18 three-year evaluation-cycle by European Institute of Cultural routes.

Presentation of the European Cemeteries route work

Within the evaluation process, ASCE president Lidija Pliberšek was invited to the Regular Evaluation Governing Board meeting which took place in Luxembourg on April 18th.

During the meeting, Mrs Pliberšek presented a variety of work that members of our route performed in past years. Members of the Governing Board specifically focused their questions on understanding how the route is presented in the field (through insignia plates and other marketing materials installed) and work on social networks by the route and its members.

Final decision on evaluation results

We are expecting the results of the evaluation process with the report on possible improvements by the end of May.