Significance of AGM for European Cemeteries Route

About the AGM

The Annual General Meeting and Conference (AGM) is the biggest and most important event of the Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe (ASCE). Each year, AGM attracts over 100 cemetery academics, artists, and professionals from all over Europe. It generates a lot of public attention and through the conference helps expose important topics from modern cemeteries management.

AGM and European Cemeteries Route

Even though AGM is an event of ASCE it has great significance for operation and development of European cemeteries Route (CEMR).

Many ideas and projects, which are linked to or even carried out by European Cemeteries Route, are formed, and presented at these events. Lecture topics at the conferences are often related to cemetery tourism and other activities that help bring cemeteries closer to people. Furthermore, AGM offers the opportunity to make new acquaintances and connections of European Cemeteries Route with other Cultural Routes of Europe.

Details and news related to the Annual General Meeting and Conference can be found on ASCE website and ASCE Facebook page.