Georg (eg. Jørgen) Sverdrup

Language Professor, 1770-1850

Georg Sverdrup was a part of the notables at Eidsvoll in February 1814. Here it was decided that a Constituent National Assembly should be mobilized.
Of the participants in this meeting of notables Sverdrup was the only one that also was selected to attend the National Assembly. Along with Christopher Frimann Omsen he represented the City of Christiania.

Sverdrup was the leader of the editorial committee, but was also on the Rules Committee and the committee for Constitutional Affairs. He was one of the foremost spokesmen for the independence party, and brought with him his own draft for constitution when he arrived. It was him that became the president for the assembly at 17th of May.

Sverdrup was repeatedly elected to Parliament, and was briefly parliamentary president.

His academic fields where Greek and Philosophy. He was the leader of the University Library for more than 30 years, and the new library at the University of Oslo is named after him.

Georg Sverdrup was the uncle of Prime Minister Johan Sverdrup.

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