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One of the first cemetiris outside the city walls in Europe.
Bishop Clement founded in 1775, with the support of civilian authorities in the city cemetery outside the walls of the city of Barcelona. The first modern cemetery in Barcelona, moved into land near the Mar Bella belonging to the municipality of San Martin de Proven├žals, exactly where in 1819 was built the old cemetery current or Poblenou.

The cemetery, built in 1775 was one of the first cemeteries outside the city walls built in Europe and its founding preceded more than ten years, the first Spanish law that ordered the burial outside town.

Burials egalitarian
The cemetery in 1819, which was designed by the Italian architect Antonio Ginesa, introduced the structure of niches for funeral Precinct responded, in the beginning, the revolutionary idea of burial in an egalitarian society that a few years before the Revolution French in 1789, believed in the condition of equality in rights and dignity of all men.

Cemetery of Poblenou
Taulat 2
08005 Barcelona Spain
Tel. +34 934841920
e-mail: cbsa@cbsa.es

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Monday to Sunday: from 8:00to 18:00 h

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