About the cemetery

It was opened on 17 March 1883 by the city of Barcelona as its main cemetery, supplanting the older cemetery at Poblenou in the east and is the biggest regarding the number of graves and works of art.
The Montjuïc cemetery, a monument of monuments It holds an immense richness of funeral art which shows, in its extraordinary diversity, the different ambitions, aspirations and fears from the citizens of Barcelona as the years went by.

Barcelona and the Cemetery of Montjuïc At the cemetery of Montjuïc history and sacrality, what is sacred and what is profane, come together. Human conflicts and cultural values that make up the individual consciousness and and collective identity are represented, framed within the new modern sensibility. The industrial and technological society has a conflictive relationship with spiritualy and, particularly, with death and divinity.

In this delicate meeting point of history and sacrality resides the fact that the cemetery of Montjuïc is one of the symbolic spaces most important in the city.

Cemetery of Montjuïc
C/Mare de Deu del Port, 54-58
08038 Barcelona Spain
Tel. 934841700

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday: from 8:00 to 18:00 h

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