About the cemetery

The decision by the French authorities, during the Napoleonic occupation of Spanish territory, would live up to the cemetery of Our Lady of Health since the beginning of its construction in 1811, was expanded to take shape in 1833.
The final structure of this cemetery took place in 1846 with the addition of the Shrine of Our Lady of Health that would shape the façade we know today and would provide a harmonious appearance. This facade is an interesting example of neoclassical architecture consists of two parts of adjacent columns that support a way to finish a triangular pediment, all frames a niche with the Madonna and Child on the words "Salus Informorun" ("Health of the Sick .)

After passing through various vicissitudes, caused by political shifts that occurred during the reign of Fernando VII, will be consolidated as one of the stable and permanent cemeteries in the city since 1833 and will, therefore, from this year when they started burials and are left to bury within the precincts of churches.

It comprises, among other important tombs, with the four Caliphs of Bullfighting deceased as: Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez "Manolete", Rafael Guerra Bejarano "Guerrita, Rafael Molina Sánchez Lizard, Rafael Gonzalez Machaquito" in addition to the family mausoleum Counts of Casillas de Velasco, marqués de Conde de Salazar, Family Cabriñana ... etc.

In Cordoba, there are three other cemeteries. In the cemetery of San Rafael (1835), are the graves of Julio Romero de Torres and Manuel Calero Cantero "CALERITO."

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