About the cemetery

This site corresponds to the plan submitted by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos.
Away from the concept of a traditional cemetery, the new project aims to show the installation of a park to stroll without being surrounded by the typical images of such premises. The proposal was to cut into the floor, and locate the tombs into the walls.

The cemetery is mainly mostly located within in a large pit grave integrated with the terrain and landscape. The whole enclosure contains corners, objects and details that constantly play with light and shade, giving a great symbolism to the entire building.

The new cemetery has been awarded the FAD Architecture Prize.

Cemeteries of Igualada
Països Baixos Street 23 (in the Igualada Industrial Area)
08700 Igualada

Tel. +34 938 030 214
e-mail: cementiris@aj-igualada.net

Website: http://www.igualada.cat/
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