Guided tours

Funerària de Terrassa organizes, along with the Museum of Terrassa, guided tours of the municipal cemetery.

During the generic tours, which last about 90 minutes, a tour of the most important architectural, sculptural and ornamental elements of the cemetery is made. In addition to offering an overview of heritage, and thus part of the city's history, these events also provide a more playful read of the funeral home. In this sense, the municipal cemetery is a unique space, as it is not only intended for its own use, but as a place to stroll and a memorial park. This means that during the visits, the participants have the opportunity to discover unknown details of this municipal facility.

Funerària and the Museum also organize thematic tours for All Saints and other specific itineraries for some city events, or at the request of different groups of people.

All visits are free and are led by the educational staff of the Museum of Terrassa.

You can find more information about guided tours in Funerària de Terrassa website.

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