Call for Tour Host of 2019

10 years of European Cemeteries Route. Your chance to get exposure by hosting our first European Cemeteries Tour.
10 years of European Cemeteries Route. Your chance to get exposure by hosting our first European Cemeteries Tour.

Promote Your cemetery

It is our intent to involve our members, partners, cemeteries fans, journalists and bloggers that cover cultural heritage into this project. And thus make great exposure for Your cemeteries and Your region.


Part of the European Cemeteries Tour will be dedicated to exchange know-how on cemetery tourism, management and relevant topics. Program of the workshop will be part of arrangement between the route management and host.

Celebrating 10 years of our route

Our first European Cemeteries Tour will take place in year 2019, 10 years after the route was established. Thus the tour will be part of promotional activities we plan during this time, providing the tour and host even more exposure.

Route support

Our team will provide support in following:

  • preparing program, providing workshop materials and speakers
  • preparing and producing promotional materials and tools
  • promoting the tour among members and interested target groups (journalists, bloggers or other influential public...)
  • promoting the tour and destination in European institutions
  • finding public or other funding possibilities

Submit your hosting proposal

All our members are invited to submit tour hosting proposal in free (chosen by member) format. Management of the route will select the most appropriate host based on proposals program and viability.

Proposal should be submitted by December 1st 2018 and sent to email

Legal capability

Proposals should be submitted by legal entity that is capable to provide organisational, legal, financial or other aspects of organising and performing a tour.

Program frame

Tour should take 3-4 days all together and proposed program should include at least:

  • guided visits of cemeteries in at least 3 towns and/or villages
  • attendance of participants at evening events related to regional culture (exhibitions, concerts, theatre shows,...)
  • workshop with a maximum 3 hour session: member may propose a title, authors or other details relevant to cemeteries tourism
  • visits of other spots related to cultural heritage of the region

Activities plan

A general plan of activities should be presented that includes at least:

  • team leader and members
  • preparation activities before the tour
  • communication activities

Financial plan

A brief financial plan should be outlined that includes at least:

  • planned costs per group of 40 participants
  • member's contribution (own resources or sponsors)
  • price per participant

Decision and agreement

Management will decide about the proposal and notify members by December 28 2018.

An agreement between Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe and member organising the tour will be signed in January 2019.