Legend of the crying lovers

If you love deeply and passionately enough, you might hear them too.
If you love deeply and passionately enough, you might hear them too.

Forbidden love

At the end of the 19th century, Constantin Poroineanu went abroad to complete his studies, as it was fitting for a young man of his birth and fortune.

In Paris, he met a beautiful girl at a student's ball. He fell in love with her and even though he was married and had a son back at home, they ended up having an affair.

His father did not approve this and forced him to leave the French girl and return home. Constantin obeyed and returned home in Caracal (Romania) to his family. He continued his life and affairs in agriculture and politics. Eventually he became one of the wealthiest men in the country, notorious for his acts of charity.

Sins of the past

Twenty years later, Constantin`s son followed his father's footsteps. He went to Paris to finish his studies and the story repeated - he fell in love with a Parisian student. Unlike his father, he did not inform his parents of the relationship and got married. Later, he brought his young wife home to Romania to meet his family. And it was then, that the unimaginable truth was discovered.

Putting together some details - including the newlyweds life stories, physical and behavioral features, etc., Constantin Poroineanu realized that the girl was actually his daughter from the adventure he had when he was a student in Paris. The spouses were brother and sister.

Family tragedy

The painful truth that they are brother and sister and the horror of the situation was intolerable for the young couple. They went to the park in the center of Caracal (a park that had been donated to the City Hall years before by their father, Constantin Poroineanu), and there, in the autumn of 1908, the newlyweds committed suicide. First, the boy shot his wife and then himself.

This tragic event pushed Constantin Poroineanu over the edge. He completed his will, leaving the entire family wealth to the town of Caracal, and hung himself on September 15, 1908.

Legend of the crying lovers

The young couple is buried alongside their father in the Bellu Cemetery (Bucharest, Romania). Today, their family tomb with its magnificent monument is one of the most visited places in the cemetery, especially by young lovers. Legend has it, that the ones who love most deeply and passionately can hear the desperate cry of the dead lovers around the grave.

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