The urn garden

A unique place of art and memory.
A unique place of art and memory.

Moscowa Cemetery & Crematorium

This monumental cemetery was opened in 1876. It is located in north of Arnhem (Netherlands) and over the centuries it has grown into a park of more than thirty hectares. It`s divided into the general section, the Roman Catholic section and the Islamic section. In addition to the burial area for graves and tombs, there is also a field for ash scattering, an area for the burial of children, columbariums (urn walls), urn tombs and also freestanding urns in the urn garden.

The cemetery is characterized by its lovely setting, monumental design and huge diversity of flora and fauna. In addition, there are many very special monuments and tombs at the cemetery in all kinds of different materials that contribute to the visually appealing aspect of the cemetery. Therefore, Moscowa Cemetery is not only a resting place, but also a popular walking area, where people can relax and enjoy the peaceful and artistic surrounding.

The urn garden

Moscowa Cemetery has a special urn garden. It`s a part of the cemetery where you can see the most unique urns, placed around like it`s an exhibition of art sculptures. In order to preserve the artistic character of that part of the cemetery, new urns are assessed by special cemetery commission. The urns are often very artistic, of many different shapes and colors. They don`t resemble the classic ones at all, but they are certainly very interesting to watch.

Special columbariums

There are some special columbarium walls, both in the Roman Catholic and in the general section of the cemetery, where urns can be buried in niches. Every part and every columbarium has its own unique look and style, so people can decide which environment best suits their loved ones.

Urns and jewelry

In the cemetery offer, you can find memorial urns and jewelry. Many relatives decide to keep (part of) the ashes of their loved ones in an urn to take back home or in a specially made jewel or medallion that they can carry with them all the time.

Art all around

It is pretty evident that (modern) art is one of the main characteristics of the Moscowa Cemetery & Crematorium. It is not present only in the urn garden, columbariums and other grave monuments but also in the cemetery facilities. 

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