New brochure

Remember. Journey through memories.
Remember. Journey through memories.

We designed brand new brochure for you.

It contains a lot of wonderful pictures from different cemeteries, so you will get familiar with some of most significant and unique cemeteries in Europe right away.

You will get the sense of their importance in the preservation of European cultural heritage, since it’s wonderfully represented in the brochure. It is rich in content and easy to follow.

Our Route is introduced inside, so you will get to read about our foundation, purpose, functioning, and much more.

Get the file and contribute to the project

Members of the European Cemeteries Route can obtain the brochure in digital format for printing. A one-time contribution of 200€ to Association of Significant Cemeteries in Europe is required to obtain the file.

How can you get the file?

Just send a request email to: