Marketing materials

Help spread the word
Help spread the word

As our mission is to raise public awareness about cemeteries being a very important part of the cultural heritage of Europe, as well as interesting sites for tourists, we want to make it easier for our members to promote their culturally rich cemeteries. Exclusively for our members and partners we offer already prepared marketing material you can use freely. Among the materials you can find:

NEW: Automated custom designed leaflet

From now on we also offer an Automated custom leaflet designed especially for your cemetery. You can find the automated leaflet here.
The system takes up to 3 points from your cemetery route designed in ARtour mobile guide, and automatically generates content for the leaflet using the pictures you provided in the guide. This is why we advise you to set up the route of your cemetery with at least 3 points and include pictures, before you download your leaflet. If you have already created a guide for your cemetery using Artour the creation takes less than 1 minute. The leaflet will also have a map to your cemetery and a QR code for quick access to it.