Participants comments

What our participants noticed.
What our participants noticed.

On behalf of me and my team I would like to extend compliments for successfully organized symposium and workshop in Ljubljana 2017. After efficient presentations and helpful discussions we are enriched by new techniques that we will be able to put in an immediate use.We especially appreciate useful tips and practical suggestions in promoting funerary heritage that we will be able to quickly incorporate into our practice.

(Dragan Baltovski, Belgrade)

I would like to thank our hosts and ASCE management for organization of a very useful and relevant workshop in Ljubljana. The presentations and discussions were so refreshing and comprehensive. Excellent speakers!
The most helpful was head presenter Dusan who treated some tough subjects in a humorous way and made it incredibly interesting and informative. This workshop was truly helpful and comfortable to share our questions, thoughts and ideas.

(Tijana Boric, Belgrade)

Dear Lidija, Robert and Dusan, let me thank you for such a warm welcome at the Symposium, at the discovery of the city of Ljubljana and Zale Cemetery, at the meeting with such a nice group pf people.

"Add your human touch" was actually the guideline that helped me crossing the border between art and technologies. The right key not to be scared of the second, coming from the point of view of the first.

In my practical test in Zale, I found myself dealing more with my mind than with a mobile application. We were all sharing a smartphone, but each of us was telling a different journey, by choosing different pics, different details, different perspectives.

I thought a lot not only about what art can learn from technologies, but also what art could do for technologies. What it could give back.

Well, if communication is an act of storytelling, art could be a great help in creating different narrations of the same place (for instance, differentiating guides based on different targets and typologies of visitors). Art could be a good support in making the visit more interactive for schools and kids (i.e "looking for of an hidden secret", where things such as symbols, statues or drawings are not geolocated but are to be discovered). Once more.. famous poets, musicians or artits are often buried in historical cemeteries and become part of their main attractions. Art could give a tool to bring them back to life through audio or video file to link or download. Or again.. a shared platform where we can all leave a comment or a photo, so we are all authors of an in-progress common guide.

Just some examples of the streaming of thoughts that are still flowing since the past week and that I wanted to share with you.

(Alessandro Tampieri, Bologna)

It was a pleasure to attend the interesting talks you all offer us during the Symposium. Witout any doubt this is the best way of enhancing our bonds as members of this magnificent European Route. Working rubbin shoulders with the same aim will help us to develop great things inthe nearly future.

(Paola Pons, Alcoi)