Carpentry workshop

The construction of the Garden of All Saints was financially demanding for the city of Ljubljana. As a result, Plečnik often had to agree to modifications. Because the limited funds prevented him from building a proper entrance that would lead to the Garden of All Saints from the north, he upscaled and decorated the entrance in the context of the carpentry workshop building. As people at the time were buried only in coffins, a rather large building was needed. He designed it as an elongated cube building with the facade divided into three zones. The lowest is covered with large round stones. The central boasts exceptional decorative segments between windows featuring a combination of clinker brick and small areas with little round stones. The top, extended section, intended for drying of wood, is supported by pilasters onto which are applied graffiti depicting biblical scenes. The workshop is covered by a flat Tuscany roof and the corners of the building rest on pilasters decorated with large round stones placed in plaster.
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