Theatre actors

Anton Verovšek, Ignacij Borštnik, Ivan Levar, Milan Skrbinšek, Marija Nablocka, Stane Sever (location 64A/14/11)

Anton Verovšek, 1863-1914

Buried in 4A/8/2+3, only listed here.

Ignacij Borštnik, 1858-1919

A theatre actor, educator and playwright, beginner of the art theatre in Slovenia, a member of the Ljubljana Dramatic Society, the first actor, director and manager of the Provincial Theatre in Ljubljana, who later he worked in Zagreb; the annual competition of Slovenian and foreign theatres (Borštnikovo srečanje) and the highest recognition for Slovenian stage performers (Borštnik Ring)are named after him.

Ivan Levar, 1888-1950

Initially an opera and concert singer, baritone in several foreign opera houses, lastly in the Ljubljana Opera, and from 1924 also a theatre actor, during the two wars he was the leading performer in Drama, also one of the founders and the first full professor at the Academy of Acting in Ljubljana.

Milan Skrbinšek, 1886-1963

A theatre actor, director, organizer and art director of the Slovenian Provincial Theatre in Ljubljana, the founder and manager of the drama school in Maribor, member of thr Ljubljana Drama, also a playwright and translator as well as one of the most prominent Slovenian theatre publicists; winner of the Prešeren award.

Marija Nablocka, 1890-1969

A theatre actress trained in Russia, long-time member of the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana, where she soon became one of the most prominent actresses.

Stane Sever, 1914-1970

One of the greatest Slovenian theatre actors, long-standing leading performer of the Ljubljana Drama, teacher and director, associate professor of AGRFT in Ljubljana, also a film actor and associate of RTV; winner of the Prešeren award (twice) and other recognitions.

The monument, which was festively uncovered on 1 November 1930, designed by the architect Stanko Rohrman, was built by the stonemason’s company Toman; the author of the mask modelled in 1951 is Jakob Savinšek, and the author of verses, which were also added later, is Pavel Golia.
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