Lojze Potokar, 1902-1964

Stane Potokar, 1908-1962 (location 26A/9/2+3)

Lojze Potokar, 1902-1964

An actor and director, he started acting in Ljubljana already back in 1918, after that he worked in Varaždin for a while. In 1928, he settled in the Ljubljana Drama, where he remained until he left to join the partisans in the autumn of 1943. He was the oldest actor among the partisans. He directed and acted in SNG on the liberated territory in Črnomelj. After the liberation, he joined the Ljubljana Drama ensemble again and stayed there until his retirement. He appeared in Slovenian films and on radio. He is remembered from the films Kekec, Kala, Tri četrtine sonca (Three Quarters of the Sun) and Tistega lepega dne (One Fine Day). He was also an excellent speaker and an interpreter of Cankar’s characters.

In this grave also:

Stane Potokar, 1908-1962

A theatre performer, member of the Ljubljana Drama, also appeared in numerous Slovenian films and radio plays.
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