Johan Olof Wallin (1779-1893)

Stockholm’s Northern Cemetery was inaugurated on June 9th 1827 by Johan Olof Wallin, a Swedish poet, orator, Archbishop of Uppsala and honored member of the Swedish Academy.

Johan Olof Wallin a native to the Dalarna region of Sweden attended Uppsala University in 1799. He was an avid believer of higher education and in 1831 Johan instigated the opening of Stockholm’s first progressive girls school, called Wallinska skolan. Today he is remembered foremost for his hymns, but also as a poet. Many streets in several towns and cities throughout Sweden bare his name.

On his gravestone, there is the following text: "The worries of the earth give way to the peace that lasts. The tomb all settles, the sky explains everything". 
Johan Olof Wallin is buried at same the place where he held his opening speech for this cemetery.

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