August Strindberg (1849-1912)

Recognized as one of Sweden’s most important authors. His works are described as naturalistic and expressionist fiction. Among his well-known pieces are plays such as The father (1888) a intriguing tragedy of a troubled family and Miss Julie (1884) the psychological drama of an erotic liaison between a well-born young woman and her footman. The book The red room described as the first modern Swedish novel is a biographical satiric view on life in Stockholm. This novel earned him great recognition throughout Scandinavia. Strindberg became ill with pneumonia during the winter of 1911 and died shortly after his play The father opened at the Berkley Theatre in New York April 9th 1912.

Strindberg’s grave, decorated with a cross of black oak has the following inscription: O crux ave spes unica (O hail the cross, our only hope). The cross is originally designed by Arthur Sandin, after the drawing from Christian Eriksson, but this is a replica. You can find the original cross at the Strindberg Museum, here in Stockholm.

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