SARZANA family tomb

Funerary chapel (1911) architect Carlo Nigra, sculptor Pietro Canonica

Construction date: 1911
Designer: architect Carlo Nigra (1856 – 1942)
Sculptor: Pietro Canonica (1869 – 1959)
Location: Cimitero Monumentale di Torino Campo Primitivo Nord n. 373
Typology: chapel with an underground chamber
Materials: Botticino marble, polychromatic marbles for the inlays, bronze for the statue of Jesus and the balustrade, portal in inlayed wood.
Skilled workers: Carpenter- F.lli Vacca

“The tomb was realized in 1911, designed by architect Carlo Nigra. It’s a chapel with an underground chamber in Botticino marble, extracted from a quarry in Rezzato, with inlays in polychromatic marble. The chapel is built on a base behind two parallel flight of stairs. The building presents neoclassical elements such as the pediment, inspired by the greek temples.
The ornaments were made by the sculptor Giovanni Sassi and the realization of the chapel was managed by the company of Luigi Castellano. The statue of Christ and the balaustrade with palms and candles motives were made by sculptor Pietro Canonica. The first design solution presented by the designer was not approved by the Council of Ornato, which required a design solution suited to the magnificence of the work that the sculptor Canonica would have been able to model: <Having noted that the architectural part of the chapel is certainly not related to the magnificence of the sculptural work that the Comm. Canonica will be able to model, we asks for the presentation of another project that is better responsive in the architectural part.>” dr. Carlotta Melis

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