ROSSI family tomb

Funerary monument (1974) architect Giorgio Rajneri and ing. Giuseppe Raineri, sculptor F.Chissotti (Chiss)

Construction date: 1974
Designer: architect Giorgio Rajneri (1927 – 2012), engineer Giuseppe Raineri
Sculptor: Filippo Chisotto (1920 – 1995)
Location: cimitero Monumentale di Torino, campo Primitivo Est B n. 122
Tipology: Funerary monument with underground chamber
Materials: red granite, white marble, concrete, bricks, bronze

β€œThe tomb was built between 1974 and 1975 on a project by architect Giorgio Rajneri. It is a funerary monument in red granite with an underground chamber.
The walls of the underground chamber and the slabs of the rooms of the niches are in reinforced concrete. The interior walls are made of bricks and the slabs that cover the internal niches are in white marble. The funerary monument has a strong evocative value, consists of five concentric squares formed by five walls sloping inward and assembled asymmetrically around a nucleus in which a slab covering the pit is placed. The monument is configured as a non-dispersing labyrinth. Probably, this symbolism was chosen by the designer to metaphorically recall the path of life. The cover slab is a sculpture in cast bronze oxidized green that is a clear reference to the deceased, recalling the profession of energetic engineer played in life by the late Pietro Rossi. The sculpture, created by the artist Filippo Chissotti (who signed Filippo Chiss) is a model of a printed circuit taken from a radio. For this burial, the space dedicated to plant elements, is very small and limited to a space of 50 centimeters, in which a Sophora tree pruned umbrella was inserted.
All the edges of the granite elements that form in the monument have a beveled shape and the ribs that make up the squares are simply resting on the floor surface and anchored to it by studs: these measures guarantee the outflow of meteoric waters outside the funerary monument.
Construction work began in May 1974 and ended in January 1975 and, as indicated by the report of ascertainment. The static testing of the work was performed by the engineer Giuseppe Raineri. The architect Giorgio Rajneri is buried in the Monumental cemetery of Turin in II Ampliazione, fm 21 in the same tomb the engineer Giuseppe Raineri is buried. .” Dr. Carlotta Melis

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