Circus at the cemetery

Have you ever visited a circus, located in the middle of the cemetery? Now you have the chance. :)
Have you ever visited a circus, located in the middle of the cemetery? Now you have the chance. :)

A showstopper

Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery in Madrid (Spain), is the largest cemetery in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The cemetery covers 120 acres of land and has nearly 5 million graves. It`s the final resting place of some great Spain’s personalities and probably the only one with a circus stage in the middle of it. 

And although it is not a circus where you can see a show in it, this exceptional mausoleum is, with no doubt, a showstopper. It is the only one at the cemetery that has its own lighting, powered by solar panels. If we add a big stage, two life size horses and a life size statue of the deceased - José María González Cachero "Junior", we really get a mausoleum that is one of a kind.

World famous animal tamer

Until the date of his death, José María González Cachero "Junior" was the director of Circus Mondial. He was only 26-years old when he died, but during his career, he received several international awards and achieved wide recognition in the world of circus for contributing to the renewal of the circus show in Spain by always ensuring quality, spectacularity and dignity.

Besides being the director of Circus Mondial, José María González Cachero "Junior" was also known for his exceptional abilities of animal taming. He was still a child when he first started taming horses, specifically magnificent specimens of Arab race and in time, he became one of the best in the world. He also invented a new style of taming and became a pioneer with large numbers in which he faced difficult challenges such as getting a group of elephants to obey him or getting a tiger to stay on the back of an elephant.

Professional symbols at your cemetery

The mausoleum of José María González Cachero "Junior" is a typical example of a grave that represent the profession performed by the deceased. Can you think of such a grave at your local cemetery? Take a look at professional symbols at Pobrežje Cemetery in Maribor (Slovenia) for inspiration and then contact us with some interesting examples from your cemetery.

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