Photo exhibitions repository

Different cemeteries. Different perspective.
Different cemeteries. Different perspective.

Different cemeteries. Different perspective.

If we want to educate our visitors and public about different aspects of cemeteries, we must show them the different aspects.

And the best way to do it is by setting a photo exhibition of European cemeteries in your cemetery. That way visitors are really getting impressed by the difference they can observe. With this they start understanding the differences and simmilarities in how our cultures interact with death.

Each cemeteries route member can expose a prearranged exhibition of 117 photos from 15 countries and 23 towns and cities entitled "European cemeteries: Garden of souls, diversity and heritage".

As well, each member can acquire different photos from a larger set of 300 high quality photos from ASCE database and make their own themed exhibition. Most important is to include photos from a wide varriation of cemeteries.

To arrange a photo exhibition please contact us at admin (at)