Developing official local guides list

Connecting the cemetery story tellers with stories lovers.
Connecting the cemetery story tellers with stories lovers.

Visiting cemeteries on your own is a rich experience by itself. Being guided by an official European Cemeteries Route guide can be an overwhelming one. You might become a cemetery fan.

Dedicated cemetery guides

To make sure we are connecting the visitors with best guides, we started developing a list. Much more than just a phone number, the guides are presented with their photo and brief about-me text to make sure visitors know who will explain them the best stories from the cemetery.

Connected with their cemeteries

Our guides are instantly connected to the cemeteries descriptions in our website and mobile app. A visitor of Milano cemetery will be introduced to Valeria. A visitor of First cemetery of Athens will meet Ioanna.

More to come

These guides are our dedicated ambassadors. They love cemeteries and share the wonderful knowledge about their history and heritage.

It is our mission to connect their knowledge and passion. We will share their work and findings, making sure that they are noted by the visitors.