Local guides

Their story. Our story. Explained by cemeteries guiding experts.
Their story. Our story. Explained by cemeteries guiding experts.

At European Cemeteries route we are keen on exposing the amazing stories from the cemeteries. And local guides know the best of them. That is why we started the project of certified local guides.

Step one: building a list

Project is starting in 2018 with creating a list of local guides which will be exposed at our website and related to the cemeteries where they work. To get listed, fill out this form and we will contact your further.

Step two: Guides get special promotion

Your local guides will be exposed at our website and (soon) in our mobile app. We will promote them through advertising, social media channels and other marketing tools.

Step three: blogs, knowledge exchange and more

Local guides will be invited to become our bloggers and partners, sharing their experience and insights into cemetery tourism.


Our members know who are the best people for the job. However here are some basic guidelines for you:


Stories will get visitors attention and spread the message. When choosing your local guides, listen to the stories. Are they attractive? Making you think about the history and life?

Ambassadors of cultural heritage and European values

European Cemeteries route is labeled as Cultural route of Europe by European Institute of Cultural routes. It is thus important that certified guides are inspired and promote values of Cultural routes:

  • Human rights
  • Cultural democracy and diversity
  • Mutual understanding and exchanges across boundaries

Focused on various topics

Visitors have different desires, aspirations and needs. Some are more likely attracted by art and architecture, others by the strange customs or historical events.

Therefore we encourage your guides to prepare tours that cover various topics.

Ready for further research

Cemeteries are endless resource of stories. Hidden graves with small gravestones may be the hidden gems missed by the great art besides them.

The best local guides explore beyond most visible art. Searching for stories in small graves with strange symbols or inscriptions.


Contact us at our Facebook page or at route@significantcemeteries.org.