Website refresh

A never-ending task. And you can help out.
A never-ending task. And you can help out.

You might have noticed that these days we did a bit of website refreshment. Mainly because we wanted to comply with new ideas on the route design. And because it was time to do it.

What's really new?

A lot of work was invested into refreshment and here are the key changes:

  • It is better adapted to mobile devices and HD screens.
  • Design is adapted to the new line of marketing materials developed in 2018.
  • Few menus are moved around to make it easier to navigate for tourists.
  • Integration with ASCE events is added to the front page.

Fresh work on content

Most of our time is now devoted to content where we want to help members improve the guides and cemeteries presentations.

Projects section is now expanded and includes many new ideas and projects that are going on at our route.

Marketing materials are refreshed with new designs.

Lots of other little bits of content is being renewed to better help our visitors and members.

Soon to come

Website is continuing process, not a project. We will develop it further each day.

Local guides will be included to the guides. Blog and scientific journal are to be released.

Follow ups will be posted on important events and projects, cooperation with Cultural institute and other routes.

And your ideas as well. What would you like to change in our website? What do you miss?

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