Mother of the Occupation period

Bronze statue in the central Square of the Cemetery. Sculptor: Costas Valsamis (1908-1944)

The “Mother of the Occupation period”, made by Costas Valsamis (1908-2003), is a bronze sculpture that refers to the death from starvation during the years of the Occupation in Athens (1941-1944). The image of the dead mother lying on her back, skeletal, with her baby on her chest, was a real scene that the sculptor experienced in the winter of 1941. The mention of this tragic moment in an expressionist style in the cemetery is a monument of the sufferings of that period, but also of Motherhood. It was installed in 1979.

City of Athens, Department of Cultural Heritage

@ text: Georgia Antonopoulou. Katerina Tsatoucha

@ photos: Victoria Kaisari, Michael Giochalas

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