Kalliroi Parren’s bust

Unpretentious portrait of a dynamic lady

Kallirroi Parren (1861-1940) was a scholar and journalist from Crete, founder of the newspaper Ladies’ journal (1887). She pioneered the creation of the feminist movement and the promotion of women's rights in Greece from the end of the 19th century. She also produced several novels. Her famous trilogy "The books of Dawn" was adapted into a play called "New Woman". The protagonist was Marika Kotopouli, whose grave adorned with a full-length bronze statue of her stands opposite.
The Municipality of Athens erected her bust, made by the famous sculptor Kostas Valsamis (1908-2003).

City of Athens/Department of Cultural Heritage. 2023

@text: Georgia Antonopoulou, PhD

@photo: Georgia Antonopoulou, PhD

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