Memorial park and cemetery of fighters and hostages fallen in the National Liberation War

Location: section B

West from the burial ground of hostages, which was arranged in 1955 by the architect Nikolaj Bežek, in 1965 the architect Fedja Košir, as agreed after the tender of 1963, designed a memorial park, presenting the fountain of life and a column of hostages of the sculptor Zdenko Kalin, which are dedicated to local hostages, and a bronze monument of the sculptor Janez Boljka, dedicated to internees.

Kalin’s hexagonal low fountain is bordered by three pairs of children chasing playful balance along its edge. Bronze figures are an enlarged variant of Kalin’s small plastic works with motifs of children at play. Through the net of thin young bodies one can see the surroundings and the column of hostages, which is a four-and-a-half-metre high monolith made from the Jablanica granite with smoothed surfaces. On the hexagonal base three in-depth fields with hanged men are engraved. Three pairs of hostages are tightly pressed against the core of the statue. With the column of hostages Kalin achieved high quality in the tradition of the realistic sculpture based on the national liberation war.

The bronze monument by Janez Boljka is situated on the lifted stone platform, designed by the architect Fedja Košir. The sculptor designed a pointy meshed framework, on which human bodies are hung in two rows. From afar the whole creation reminds of camp watchtowers and wire fences. The northern part of the cemetery was given a vertical emphasis with the 13-metre high monument.

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