Monument to the Fallen in the Slovenian Independence War

Location: section D

In order to honour the memory of those who died in the Slovenian Independence War, a cenotaph designed by architect Marko Mušič was unveiled at Nove Žale Cemetery. Trapped forever in the stone of the cenotaph is fire that the architect placed at the perimeter alleyway leading to the landscaped area intended for the scattering of cremains. The torch is sculpted from three different stone types in the colours of the Slovenian flag. On the manmade mound behind the cenotaph stands a cross; the initial design called for stations of the Cross leading to it. The monumental cross stands behind a stylised altar; the architectural solution of the cross is rather original – since it does not bear the dead Christ, the architect added to the Christian symbolism of the cross its pre-Christian paradigm (a standing human being with arms open wide). The cross is a sign of the Cemetery recognisable from afar – which was once known under the name of Holy Cross – and at the same time a symbol of all civilisations and religions, as the cross shape symbolises death.


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