September victims

Location: 10A-12-14
Ivan Adamič, a 15-year old 4th year student of National Gymnasium II, and Rudolf Lunder, a 22-year old printer, machine operator at the National Printing House and a singer of the Slavec singing society from Ljubljana, were on 20 September 1908 random victims of German army violence during the intolerance conflicts between Slovenian and German population at Pogačarjev Trg square in Ljubljana. The embankment of the Ljubljanica river in the very centre of Ljubljana was named after them – Adamič Lundrovo nabrežje.

A full-size statue of the Grieving Woman, the work of Svetoslav Peruzzi, was designed by the architect Ivo Spinčič and made from Tyrolian marble by the Toman stonemasonry from Ljubljana. The statue was erected in 1933.

The base bears the inscription: The secret is now obvious in freedom / a nation's dawn is brought to life in night alone / its growth and strength come from the grieving / death is fertile more than life / Victims of 20 September 1908 / Lunder Rudolf / Adamič Ivan / Vindišar Arnošt.
Arnošt VINDIŠAR (d. 1911).

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