Stanko Bloudek

1890 – 1959 | Slovenian aeroplane designer, sportsman, sport facility designer (location: 5B/4/17)
In 1894, his entire family moved to the Czech town of Brüx, where young Stanko finished primary school and four years of classical gymnasium. In 1904, his father died of a stroke. The family moved back to Slovenia. In 1908, he took up the study of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, but one year later switched to technical studies and enrolled in the Technical University. In 1910, his mother died of cancer in Vienna. He overcame the severe life crisis following the loss of both parents by dedicating himself to study and work. Around that time he found his interest that marked his life from then on – aviation.

The ductile iron ornament (stylised branch with a swallow) and the grave lamp are probably the work of the artistic blacksmith Jože Bertoncelj from Kropa.
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