The Zupan family from Smokuč

Location: St. Cross Church, right wall
This is the grave of Monsignor Tomo Zupan, protonotary apostolic, the first president of the Society of Ss. Cyril and Methodius and a great admirer of Dr. France Prešeren. He collected valuable mementos of the great poet and made the family tree of his family for 300 years back. The same grave is a place of rest of the last sister of France Prešeren, Alenka Prešeren.

The tombstone was made by Janez Vurnik Jr. based on the design of Tomo Zupan. It was laid in 1889 in the cemetery at St. Christopher and then transferred to the Žale Cemetery.

Its date of setting is 1889.
Alenka PREŠERNOVA, 1811–1891
Dr. Vinko Zupan, 1882–1915
Mons. Tomo Zupan, 1839–1937
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