The Mausoleum of the Vranyczany family

The most prominent buildings and graves
This mausoleum is an imposing building put up in neo-Byzantine style, and is in this respect unique in Karlovac historical building. The structure, with square plan, is roofed by a dome borne on a octogonal base and a high tambour, which has a number of window apertures providing lighting to the interior space furnished with a Historicist inventory complemented with an alter composition located in the central niche. The lavish interior wall decoration with phytomorphic motifis is a regular feature in the last5 quarter of the 19th century and, althought its authorship has not been determined, is a high quality piece of work, and because the clients were connected with the then leading Croatian painters, whose sponsors and patrons they often were, it might suggested that some important painting name is involved. The main portal,in which a lunette in high relief the family coat of arms with its motto of Fratrum concordio is emphasised with a pediment with an inscription born on two pillars. The pillars with a pediment are carved of stone, as are the two-light windows of the lateral elevations, glazed with stained glass. The door made of wrought iron with a monograph is an exceptional example of fine craft. The mausoleum was built in 1870, presumably according to a plan of Viennese architect Otto von Hofer , who for Ljudevit, Dragan and Vladimir Vranyczany planned four occupied today by the Modern Gallery and the Archaeological Museum. The mausoleum, which unites a religious and sepulchral form, holds the remains of twenty members of the Karlovac branch of the aristocratic Vranyczany family, celebrated members of the Illyrianmovement, people involved in society, industrialists and wholesale merchants.
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