The Mausoleum of the Hoffmann family

The most prominent buildings and graves
The mausoleum was built for the tailoring family of Pavel and Josipa Hoffmann of Karlovac in 1929 after an architectural design by the Zagreb construction engineer Elemer Trepper. The contractor was Julijan Jamnicky, builder of Karlovac, and co-owner of construction firm Kabalin-Jamnicky. The mausoleum was built prostyle shape, i.e. of an ancient temple with a portico on the facade formed by four stone pillars of the Tuscan order that bear an architraye, the frieze of which contains metopes and a simplified version of a triglyph, while in the main facade zone it is filled with an epitaph. In the underground tomb of the elegantly furnished interior with a single Biedermeier sculpture made of cast iron all the members of the family of Pavel and Josipa Hoffmann buried.  
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