Mausoleum of the Turković and Vuković families

The most prominent buildings and graves
The mausoleum was built for the Turkovićes, a family of merchants an shipbuilders, in the 1870s. Altought somewhat more modest in its outline and exterior design with simplified basic neo-Gothic architectural elements, it is an important specimen from both the architectural and the historical aspect. As in the order mausolea, the tomb is recessed into the ground, and the entrance is in the floor. The grave holds Vjenceslav Turković (Kraljevica, 1826 - Karlovac, 1902), big landowner, shipbuilder, entrepreneur, and socially active and much appreciated member of the Karlovac bourgeoisie of the 19th century, Josip Turković, Ivan Turković, Milivoj Turković (1881-1884), Ljuboslava Turković, Milivoj Turković (1896-1943), Jelka Turković. Today the mausolem is owned by the Vuković family. 
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