The Modrušan and Rubes grave

The most prominent buildings and graves
The grave of black granite was made in 1935 after a design by the certified Zagreb builder Ivo Velikonija, who signed several building projects of interwar Modernism in the area of the city of Zagreb. It is formed with simple architectural elements, in the style of interwar Modernism, with parts shaped in the manner of Art Deco in bronze. The inscription slab, on which there is an appliqued epitaph, is dominated by a large bronze medallion with a relief portrait. It was remodelled by a recent extension for the sake of enlarging the grave The funerary monument is dedicated to Gustav Modrušan  (Karlovac, 1859-Karlovac, 1930), mayor apothecary, member of the Croatian and the Hungarian-Croatian and Hungarian-Croatian parliament, successful businessman and benefactor, owner of apothecary¨s  that was under his management of the best equipped amd best know in Croatia. Now Rubes family grave.
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