Vatroslav Lisinski (July 8th 1819, Zagreb - May 31th 1854, Zagreb) composed his first composition in 1841, at which time he changed his name Ignac Fuchs to Vatroslav Lisinski.

He was employed as a notary at the Vice-Roy's palace. He composed a number of solo pieces, a few piano compositions and the first Croatian opera “Love and Malice” which was performed for the first time on March 28th 1846 and which was marked by the celebration of the Illyrian idea. From there on that date became historically important in the creation of the Croatian artistic expression.

After spending time in Prague, where he improved his skills, he returned to his homeland at the time of the Bach's absolutism and spent the final years of his life in poor financial conditions. He composed very little at that time, and will be remembered as the most gifted composer of the Illyrian movement and the first professional Croatian musician who set the foundations of the national music in Croatia, especially in opera, solo singing and orchestral music.

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