poet, politician, croatian ban

Ivan Mažuranić (August 11th, 1814 Novi Vinodolski - January 1st, 1891 Zagreb) after graduating from college he was employed as a teacher at the Zagreb Gymnasium, later becoming a lawyer in Karlovac.

He became the President of the Croatian Parliament in 1871 and held the position for two years, after which he became the Croatian Vice-Roy (the so called “People’s Vice-Roy). He held office until 1880 and after the end of his term he decided to leave politics and live his life away peacefully, working in the field of mathematics and astronomy. He began writing poetry as early as his high school days in Rijeka, and his most important work - the epic “Death of Smail-aga Cengic” - was published in 1846. As the Vice-Roy, he sought to pursue policy of balance between the Hungarian influence and the influence of the Vienna royal court in Croatia, but did so in a more passive, rather than active way.

While holding the position of Vice-Roy he carried out the reform of the judiciary, the political administration and education and he also founded the University of Zagreb, the first among the South Slavs. He was a polyglot, speaking nine languages.In modern times his historical importance was honored by placing him on the 100 Kuna bill and many streets, squares and schools in Croatia bear his name. A memorial bust of Mazuranic is situated on the Zrinjevac Square.

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