writer, playwriter, politician

August Šenoa (November 14th, 1838 Zagreb - December 13th, 1881 Zagreb) was the most important and productive Croatian writer of the 19th century and the true creator of modern Croatian literature; the first true novel writer.

His first novel “The Goldsmith's Gold" was published in 1871. Two years later, he was elected to the position of the town Senator so he had to resign his position as the Art Director of the Croatian National Theatre. He later began publishing “Wreath”, the leading Croatian literature magazine and did so until his death.

Some of his most important works are: “Branka”, "Beware of the Hand of Senj”, “Diogenes”, “The Curse”, “The Peasant Revolt”, "The Beggar Luka”, “Lovro the Mate” and “Zagrebulje” - feuilletons describing the then current events. He also wrote poetry: “The Stone Wedding Procession”, “The Plague’s House”, “Long Live Croatia” etc

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